August, 2021

I can do more than just hide behind a computer when it comes to UFOs & Fiction & the Sexual connection!

I created a group for those rare few individuals who are brave enough to meet with me ...


I can make people read my sites!

Have you ever noticed people comply with a demand when you have a gun? I wonder if this ...


this blog on amazon now

This blog site is on amazon now too, if you care to check it out. Please go to ...


Lynn Grabhorn’s strangeness

Someone on reddit suggested I read Lynn Grabhorn’s book “Dear God, what’s happening to us?” She apparently was ...


October 1, 2021 Dinner to discuss Star Trek Voyager episode re: evolution

I will be in Charlotte, North Carolina by this date and suggest dinner and discussion for interested people. ...


Sounds like a great discussion point

I intend to be there and sounds like a great discussion idea