rare reddit positive feedback about hell….

I just had to share this reddit exchange on my blog.  I rarely get any positive feedback on reddit, rather just attacked or dismissed like gutter trash.  I often get banned from subbreddits because my responses are direct and to the point, and I pull no punches, and human nature just always feels a need to shut down the real truth using any and all means that they can.  Here is my main response on the post when the person said my “interpretation” of hell was good news: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskAChristian/comments/qjocav/how_did_you_start_sharing_your_faith_with/hivnyh2/?context=3

So, that is nice you think the link is wonderful. Most do not. That attitude shows some hope that you might be first resurrection destined Rachel elect, instead of the vast majority who are second resurrection destined Leah elect. Your carnal mind immediately jumps on the bad end of the good news about hell: yes it does typically just embolden more sin in those who hear about it with words only from humans, instead of hear it from God personally along with “fiery” supernatural experiences to get the message you shouldn’t just use the truth to abuse the Lord’s grace all the more. But everybody does for a time, including Jesus, which the rest of my writings prove that Biblically. Demons want you to think the truth is a “dangerous interpretation” so you keep it to yourself, lest you yourself make your hell hotter for telling the truth. Better to try to scare people with false literalist ideas, is the thinking of demons and carnal minded people. Demons do this to use fear to manipulate and control you, instead of walk in freedom and abandonment to the real love of God that cannot be stopped or constrained. You are saved, for the simple fact all are. The parable of paying the workers shows this. Those who got hired early and worked harder, by virtue of simply working longer, and during the “heat of the day” (ie experienced more hell in this life than those hired later), got paid the SAME (ie everybody gets saved by fire) wage, one talent. The carnal mind naturally complains and those hired earlier thought they should get more, but no, they only got what they agreed to. Then Christ said the first shall be last and the last shall be first. This means those in the first resurrection shall be last in their own minds, as even Paul said he was the chief of sinners (the truth is really humbling if you think about it), and those in the last resurrection at the end of the millennium (ie second resurrection) shall be first in their own minds, because these ones die thinking they’re decent folk and will probably avoid hell and get to heaven because they are good people. They will rise and be cast into the lake of fire and realize that was a bad choice to think that way, but “everyone will be salted with fire” (Mark 9:49). Ya ain’t gonna avoid it no matter what ya think.

If you think it is a wonderful interpretation, that is great. Thanks for saying that because most just attack me as false prophet and get combative or dismissive. It is rare to feel my greater work during the “heat of the day” has made any difference. I get the same base pay as everybody: salvation. I just get there sooner than you because I am in the first resurrection. Hope you read the rest of the site and ask any questions. Oh and remember, Jesus died knowing this truth too. You don’t think He experienced some Hell on earth? All elect in history died knowing these things, and yet it has only been allowed to be openly proclaimed since the resurrection of Christ. The apostles all came to understand and preach it, but the truth got lost in public history. The elect always come to understand by supernatural revelations and experiences. The truth is now freely available to all on my site, but the elect’s secret gospel is still rare to be proclaimed in this world. My main point is, most elect, minus the odd violent King David type, died frustrated at not being able to talk openly about these things, and many died in violent ways, while dying having learned not to be violent themselves. Elect are willing to die for the truth on www.theoriginofgod.com (Christ is truth remember?), so if you think I’m deceiving you and my interpretation is dangerous, know I am the dangerous one, not my interpretation. I will willingly go to hell in your place if I am deceiving you, and none but the elect come to think like that. Demons fear the end-time elect and the coming showdown, because we will not go to hell for knowing and preaching the truth, but we’re happy to experience any hell necessary to payback demons. We have a duty to Christ and all elect in history to NOT be non-violent to openly showing false UFO “highly evolved ancient alien-gods”. My site goes into details about the pentagon confirmed reality of UFOs and what they portend about open contact. I will kill all demons if I get the chance. I explain how a mere sinful flawed human elect like me has such power against all the demonic hordes who will be pretending to be “God.” Those who are willing to die for what they believe are dangerous. Those who are also willing to kill humans for what they believe, like the 911 terrorists, are crazy. Those who are willing to BOTH die AND kill the appropriate offending agents (ie demons openly showing themselves and lying about being our ancient alien-gods Creators) are CRAZY DANGEROUS! But only to demons, not humans. I will kill all demons if I am alive to see open contact, and they know it. I will also make them suffer in extreme manner. So, they are pleading with God for permission to delay until I am physically dead. I strongly doubt that will happen, but I am 51 years old so you have maybe 30 years or so to assimilate my site and pass it on. My only fear left in life is that I might not get a chance to meet the open contact “highly evolved ancient alien-gods” personally.

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