Lynn Grabhorn’s strangeness

Someone on reddit suggested I read Lynn Grabhorn’s book “Dear God, what’s happening to us?” She apparently was positive and good writer and wrote and sold many motivational type books. Then she started to experience the theology of suffering in a big way in the early 2000s and died in 2004 of cancer. Here is another blog writer’s take on it:

The other blog writer talks about Grabhorn’s beliefs in positive and negative energies and thoughts, and Grabhorn’s law of attraction beliefs. Grabhorn tried to be positive motivational speaker/writer and it’s better to try to be positive, right? It’s easy to be negative and it’s usually the default position of real life I find. Did Grabhorn herself, inspirational positive speaker/writer think some negative thoughts that brought cancer on her? Life is more complicated than that. I detail my take on it all at, and how our carnal minds typically shudder at God’s sovereignty over both good and evil. Nobody likes suffering but there is a grand great purpose to it that my site reveals. A sovereign God has caused me a lot of suffering, but I am able to write now about that grand great purpose from experience, and perhaps some elect out there will read it and it might help them get up to speed quicker than I did. If we bring negative on ourselves purely due to negative vibes and law of attraction, then why am I still physically alive? I should be dead from the crap I’ve endured. Life has been hell. But I can reveal the good reason for even hell now, at least, and my site blows the lid of most of Satan’s lies. The world’s gonna need some of that truth on open contact….

Right now, I still get mostly major negative dismissive attitudes from people. I guess they think I have too much negative energy. I started a discussion on Grabhorn’s book here: but I don’t expect much response. In the matrix, everybody knows me and tries to keep me down simply because I hate that dismissive attitude now. The false UFO alien-gods (demons) will be more interesting to talk to on open contact I think….

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  1. Hi. How can i chat with you / contact you. I am undergoing a major spiritual war myself. I believe in God of Abraham. I am under attack by a demon and constantly seek refuse in prayer. I messed up and accidentally went through a ton of NDEs when i had a crisis of faith, and read about many of these encounters with a being that calls itself God, but i am 1000000% sure it is a negative entity / alien. I really need clarity on the whole thing. I am trying to do the right thing. Please let me know if you can provide some insight.

    1. I have had struggles too and find writing about it helps me. Everybody is different. Knowledge is power and people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. I suggest read my latest website at substack about listing which lists ALL my websites. Read my parable publishing from the beginning and hop around, finding what resonates with you. Good luck!

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