I can make people read my sites!

Have you ever noticed people comply with a demand when you have a gun? I wonder if this technique might get more people to read my main site at www.theoriginofgod.com or schedule an event with me at www.spiritualcharlesdarwin.com? Perhaps, but that does not guarantee comprehension OR transformation. Nonetheless, I notice sometimes a sovereign God forces me to do things and comprehension and transformation comes later. If I only had that kind of power…

2 thoughts on “I can make people read my sites!

  1. Hi. I…I am not from the USA, so… thought I’m pretty sue that was an attempt a humor, I can’t deny it sounded a little. Ok. Upsetting.
    (I know it’s very hard to catch written sarcasm. I mean, that and the comparison to Hitler, and that of Sigmund Freud. So, I mean—why—are you ok?)

    1. Thanks for the message. Where are you from and how did you find my site, if you don’t mind me asking? It was sarcastic humor yes, but a little serious in that none to date can speak peaceably to me about spiritual things. The Hitler comparison is just about my struggle to understand spiritual things and communicate it to a hostile world that rejects everything God says in the Bible, like this unflattering link that takes the Hitler comparison a little more literally: Hitler so I hope you read it and other things on my site and we can interact about it. Freud tried to understand the mind and so do I. That is all I meant. Glad you are showing evidence of reading though, which is more than most.

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