I sometimes think I should call myself spiritualsigmundfreud as well as spiritualcharlesdarwin because my way of thinking is an elect’s symbolic/parable way of trying to explain the human psyche, which Freud did. I don’t agree with all his theories, but most don’t agree with mine either. But Darwin also tried to explain the human psyche too, in his own way, the human burning need/desire to understand origins and how we all came to be. Darwin’s theory of evolution, though only partly correct, is explaining something of the mind of God, which is the mind of humans and ALL created beings (angels too), as we are all evolving into “god” (note the little “g”) at the direction of the true God. But I already have plenty of connected domains here for God’s elect, so decided to just add a link on this blog site and explain my thinking.

My main site www.theoriginofgod.com has plenty of information attempting to explain the human psyche in Biblical ways, but I think this link explaining the 10 Commandments is a good summary of the mind of God: 10 Commandments. It’s also kind of a crude and sarcastic layout of my take on the 10 Commandments, so good example of my style. If ya can’t handle it, ya ain’t gonna wanna read the rest of the site anyway.

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