Mein Kampf

Like Hitler’s famous book “Mein Kampf” (translated My Struggle) I’ve had decades of experience/struggle with the whole mystery of “God” and what is going on in human history and what the hell is this God doing!!!!???? I finally figured it out. Or so I say, though many disagree with me. I wrote about it in fiction form decades ago. Then I created the website The Origin of God about 30 years later to give more non-fiction details/understanding about what it is all about. It took those many decades of experience to get deeper understanding and mature to be able to put more serious non-fiction words down on cyber “paper”.

Since I used to program computers, I have a good internet presence in terms of technology. My stuff is out there and easily and freely available. Do a yandex or Bing search on “the origin of God” and I appear on the first page, sometimes right at the top, THE VERY FIRST ENTRY OUT OF MILLIONS OF PAGES! I am on social medias, all linked to my webpage(s), and I answer questions on quora, etc…. but so far the response is always the same, either: 1) emotional terrorism [hate, rage, anger, etc….] 2) dismissive 3) combination of #1 and #2, dismissively emotionally terroristic.

I understand much evil has been done in human history using God as an excuse. I understand tackling a topic like the mystery about “the origin of God” will stir much negative emotion. But in 7 billion people on the planet, and in my short 51 years experience on earth, that is ALL that I have ever witnessed from people if you openly talk about God or quote scripture. I live in Canada and culture here is just that way. But from some years of experience on internet, it has also been the ONE and ONLY response people seem able to provide.

So, I start this blog and ask if there are ANY out there who can do better? Do people really have nothing credible or specific to say about the things I reveal on The Origin of God? None to date even read it farther than perhaps the first two pages before start attacking me with general gaslighting declarations of such words/phrases as: “you’re crazy, it’s all nonsense, you’re arrogant and think you’re special, nutbar” etc….

I don’t mind criticism (constructive or otherwise) but general gaslighting declarations of false “truth” don’t help anybody learn anything, me or the attacker. I tend to respond in similar manner 1) emotional terrorist 2) dismissive but #3 style I don’t do. “Dismissively emotionally terroristic” means to dismiss the person in anger and stop interacting with them. I don’t do that. I just defend my position (like everybody does in real life when they defend their general “truth” in the “real” world) and stand firm, but I find in very little time at all, the attacker tends to dismissively “walk away” (cyber version) — emotionally terroristic style. Meaning they get angry and stop interacting online.

Well, well, well…that tells me a lot. Either I am CRAZY as the world seems to want to convince me, OR this reaction means I must really be on to something. I will assume the latter, unless people can start attacking with more specific and credible things to say about what I reveal on the site. Any takers?????

This is my personal static blog domain, but you can answer my challenge at my main site. Please visit The Origin of God and interact with me there. I have tons of ways to interact with me there, including this instant real-time chat link with myself and everybody on my site simultaneously, called my page. The Origin of God is the main information site I refer people to for greater understanding of the deeper things of God! This blog site (and associated domains) will eventually be the social media platform for God’s “Rachel” elect. Read my main site and you will understand what I mean by that.

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